the nature of laziness

Is there really such a thing as laziness? How can something so self-destructive possibly be natural? Maybe it’s just in our nature to not want to expend energy. Maybe we just don’t want to expend energy doing things we don’t like to do.

Perhaps laziness can be explained otherwise. Things become difficult when we fight ourselves. Things become difficult when we go against, rather than with, our nature. Whatever that nature is, it provides momentum and energy of its own to propel us forward. When we fight that nature, we expend energy rather than use what is given to us. Instead of the head start that we could use, we fall behind. The energy it takes to fight our nature plus the energy it takes to go a different direction than our nature wants is far more than anyone can long sustain.

Who we are and where our nature wants us to go – these things are different for everyone. It helps a great deal to have supporters who understand your nature at a young age, to help nurture this along. There is probably less to nurture versus nature than there is to nurture and nature. For some it takes a supportive family. For some it takes leaving a non-supportive family. For most, it’s probably a little in between, though I imagine the first is probably more helpful. For all though, it takes a recognition, acknowledgment and acceptance of one’s own nature and the desire to act upon these things.

Fred Rogers was a kind, gentle person who didn’t drink or swear or philander. John Lennon, for all of his reputation as a peacenik, was a bully as a youngster, something it took most of his life to renounce. But they both recognized their nature and went with it, and along with that they changed the culture. Had they not, had they suppressed or repressed themselves to be something someone else wanted them to be, think of all that would be different, and not in a good way.

Our inner nature and what the culture wants us to be might be different, but it is our nature that will help change the culture. And later it will thank us for it.

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