Bobo Bedroom

This is my room in my house, cleaned up a bit for public consumption. I like it. It’s simple. I think it’s elegant, although the industrial metal typing table may not be everyone’s idea of elegance. The orchids have no flowers, as they don’t most of the year, but are still elegant and strong plants to have in a house. It isn’t monochromatic, but the palette is purposely limited to mostly black, white and grey (as is my wardrobe as of late, as evidenced by the sneakers near the bed.)  The wood in the floors and baseboards warm up considerably what might be a cold palette. There are two simple cashmere blankets on the bed, a Frette one in a reddish, almost purplish brown (tamarind is the official color) and the other a two-toned grey. The tamarind blanket also warms up the space.
I’ve seen this a lot lately – a white base; some lines and geometries in black, here exemplified by the black lamp and the black dresser; perhaps a color field in grey or a dark brown (blankets). There is also warmth provided by the worn antique rug at the base of the bed, as well as a touch of ethereality in the atmospheric paintings on the walls. It’s a good room, it’s a quality room. Light comes in from the south and the west, and hence it’s the warmest room in the house in the winter and it’s bright during the day. I feel it’s the baseline, the first place that represents a feeling that I have designed and edited consciously, the model for all things to come, or at least a jumping off point. While there is nothing stereotypically Zen about the room, it exudes simplicity, elegance and calm. If it were a song it would be “Fernpunkt” by Hauschka, in that it takes cues, structures and forms from the past and reconfigures them in a contemporary way.

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