Serge Mouille

I came across this rare pair of sconces by Serge Mouille this weekend at a shop that specializes in mid-20th century modernist design. At $12,000 USD, these are more museum pieces (to me, at least) than anything that will ever see the inside of anywhere I ever live, but they have a simplicity and poetry that speaks a quieter language than many mid-century pieces. France is not known particularly for mid-century design, and Mouille himself had a relatively brief career. He lived from 1922 until 1988, but his lamps went of of production in the early 1960s, and only recently were newly licensed editions introduced. The shades on this particular pair of sconces are different from those of the more common floor and desk lamps, closed over as to resemble a mussel shell.

Mouille may have been influenced by artists such as Alexander Calder and Joan Miro. The simple monochromatic black shape is suspended by a slender black line, resembling the mobiles of Calder, below left, and the paintings of Miro, below right. Being French and from the time they were, I think a musical analogy might be the spare but elegant quality of piano pieces by Erik Satie and Francis Poulenc.

2 Responses to “Serge Mouille”
  1. Love that you have an admiration for the poetry and simplicity of the pieces…simplicity is so underrated in (a great deal of) contemporary art. Excellent post, thank you!

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