Craving and Attachment

The term “suffering” is Buddhism is not exactly the same term as suffering in English. Suffering, in the English sense is a subset of the larger Buddhist sense. Suffering in English usually connotes pain, but in Buddhism the term “dukkha” refers to wishing life was other than it is. Of course, in the English sense, … Continue reading

The Devil as a Lack of Clarity

I’m a fan of Stephen Batchelor, the author and, for some, Zen apostate. He doesn’t believe in reincarnation or karma in the cosmic sense. He’s a believer in what he calls “secular Buddhism,” that is the relationship between Buddhism and the world we live in. I’ve especially been influenced by his book “Living With the … Continue reading

Zen, Beauty and Grace

I’m a beginner for the most part, so I’m not an expert at Zen (which according to one book is a prerequisite already, right?:)) But one issue I’ve been running across is Zen for Zen’s sake. I see Zen as a way of understanding the world, not as a world within itself. I don’t think … Continue reading

When I can see Zen, it’s not Zen.

Some in Zen say the ideal is to be unattached; but is there not an attachment to certain Zen ideals themselves? Is there not an attachment to unattachment? When it is said to wear the castaways of society, rags rather than silk, is there not an attachment to rags? Is there not an attachment to … Continue reading

the nature of laziness

Is there really such a thing as laziness? How can something so self-destructive possibly be natural? Maybe it’s just in our nature to not want to expend energy. Maybe we just don’t want to expend energy doing things we don’t like to do. Perhaps laziness can be explained otherwise. Things become difficult when we fight … Continue reading

Implements and Attachments

A friend of mine is quarreling with a roommate about what seems to be the pettiest of things: he grinds coffee in the morning, in the kitchen just outside her bedroom. A coffee grinder is among the loudest kitchen implements known to man (though there may be louder ones yet undiscovered) and the grinding in … Continue reading

Attachment and Design

If there is one single thing that above all I am attached to (in a Buddhist sense) it is the sense I have of myself and who I am. Some highlights: I think I am reasonably intelligent; balanced in ways that matter; not terribly materialistic but also not in denial that I live in a … Continue reading