nature photos, 2013

This is a compilation of nature photos I took this year, collected for Scientific American’s Compound Eye blog



Arrangement 2

I do not know what kind of plant this is – the very pale green color is pretty accurate. It’s the same plant as the last post, and I even asked a gardener who didn’t know either. I’m titling them “Arrangement 1” and “Arrangement 2” because I am in the last 10 days of a … Continue reading

Arrangement 1


What does density do? through proximity to others, it enables community, relationships, belonging, connection, creativity and possibilities. It can also bring about tension, relationships (unwanted), loneliness and ennui. Throughout human history, however, the benefits have outweighed the negatives.



Spalling is what happens when concrete flakes off and crumbles from a structure, leaving reinforcing members exposed and vulnerable. This is at the ruins of the Sutro Baths near Lands End in San Francisco. The large building housing the baths burned down in the 1960s, but the foundation remains, in a state of decay.

Beach, Graffiti

Butterflies on a Net