Eero Saarinen’s North Christian Church, Columbus, Indiana

North Christian Church, Columbus Indiana. Eero Saarinen, designed 1961, completed 1964. This is the last building Eero Saarinen designed. Photos Travis Stansel, December 2017. Advertisements

Contemporary Butterfly-Roofed Meditation Hut

This contemporary meditation hut is located in Urbana, Illinois; it was designed by Jeffery Poss, AIA, who is also an architecture professor at the University of Illinois and a sculptor. Keep your head down and stay humble as you enter – the entire interior is only high enough for a seated or kneeling position.

baha’i temple, wilmette, il (2)

baha’i temple, wilmette, il

nature photos, 2013

This is a compilation of nature photos I took this year, collected for Scientific American’s Compound Eye blog

old vacuum tubes

drawn stone 2

drawn stone

Part of the installation Drawn Stone by Andy Goldsworthy. This was commissioned for the courtyard at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Like some of Goldsworthy’s work, this is almost imperceptible. I never saw a sign or placard indicating there was even artwork there. I was sitting on one of the stone slabs and … Continue reading

the world of things

“Those of us who call ourselves Buddhist corrupt the teaching by a narrow sectarianism and by a sort of withdrawal from what’s going on in our society. A great Zen Master warned, ‘The man who clings to vacancy, neglecting the world of things, escapes from drowning but leaps into the fire.’” Philip Kapleau (1912-2004), author … Continue reading

. . . they are right.

(I’d add “all the time.” And I’m including myself. From Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show, at the Chicago Cultural Center)