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bell, san francisco zen center

The Buddhist Temple and Modernism

One of the only influences the architect Frank Lloyd Wright ever admitted to was that of Japanese architecture. Critic Ada Louise Huxtable writes that Wright saw in Japanese architecture “simplicity, elegant craft and structural lightness” that felt “‘natural,’ ‘organic’ and ‘modern.’” It was not in Japan, however, but in Chicago, at the 1893 Columbian Exposition, … Continue reading

Simple Seated Buddha

Simple seated Buddha, San Francisco Zen Center guest room

Han, Green Gulch Farm

Han, Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center

The han is a wooden block struck to announce the beginning of seated meditation at a Zen center. This one is at Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center in Muir Beach, CA. Green Gulch Farm is part of the San Francisco Zen Center.

Bring Me Coffee or Tea

I can barely get moving without tea. Doesn’t matter what kind. Green, white, black. Black probably gets me going the most, simply because it has more caffeine, but there’s something in tea that makes me feel like the day is worth getting up for. It’s good for you, as all kinds have the antioxidants that … Continue reading